HP Envy17 Problems (Solved)

UPDATE 9-11-2012: 

So HP quietly released a BIOS update that seems to fix the problems we’ve been having. Ridiculous since it pretty much makes this computer a lemon without it. Anyhow i’ve uploaded this here. I’ll test it over the next few weeks. 


If you shelled out $1700 for the HP Envy17  (17″ and $1700!)  and are having the following problems you’re probably pretty mad:

hp envy 17 inch

yes, it came with those glasses.


  • Runs extremely hot, especially on the left side. I’ve had laptops that run warm. This is hot. Burn your hand hot if you touch the right spot.
  • Flickers or has graphics problems when plugged into an external monitor
  • After BIOS update cannot play flash
  • Not as fast as a 64-bit i7  premium processor with 6 goddamned gigabytes of RAM should be
  • Lousy Audio, especially when the monitor boasts BEATS AUDIO by Dr Dre, but is quieter than pretty much any laptop you’ve ever owned. I have a feeling that if Dr Dre and his crew were trying to listen to music on this thing they’d end up emptying their revolvers into it.

Remember, this device was supposed to be the PC answer the the Macbook Pro and a business or non-Mountain Dew breathed gaming geek alternative to AlienWare. The non-douchebag alternative to the Acer Ferarri line of computers, that don’t, but should come with a red leather ferarri jacket and a pair of  minus one  whatever your size is Diesel Jeans.

I had high hopes for the HP Envy 17 and after tweaking it and downloading fix after fix and flashing the bios a half dozen times I  finally just accepted that I had bought a lemon of a laptop that could never truly be used as a laptop but only as a desktop replacement laptop. Then tonight for the 100th time it froze up and gave me the motherboard heat error and I lost about 40 mins of work in Excel.

Then I found this BIOS update:  

HP Envy 17 BIOS update

Things are better now. Not perfect, still warm, but not scorching hot. Audio is louder and sounds nicer. No display issues. Flash works.

Give it a try.




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  2. After reading on some forums about the Envy 4… People weren’t able to install 16GB of RAM in it. No more than 10GB, or is would lag like crazy and practically become powerless.

    This update fixed it. Just an FYI.

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