I Have An Idea

Tonight I had an idea that I just can’t shake.


The other day I wrote on my other blog about people Getting Bored Of Facebook.


 I wrote this: 

But really, all of the above (a bunch of things about Facebook that make it terrible)  is pertinent, and should be taken to heart, but the main reason that Facebook sucks so much is the same reason that Myspace, LiveJournal, WordPress,  Reddit, Blogger, Geocities, etc etc etc etc all came to suck when they were once wonderlands of creativity and information (and often times friendship and romance):

Because the barrier for entry is so goddamned low; everyone can do it, and can do it poorly. And if they had anything at all to say or share they would’ve done it with the more difficult tools available before, but they didn’t because they didn’t have anything to say or share.
But again, tonight I was thinking about it and it dawned on me:
If all these people just want a place to post their stuff: their experiences, creations, thoughts, photos, pictures or videos found around the web– what makes them them—  why do they do it on Facebook instead of on something they could own and even make a few bucks for themselves in advertisements if they wanted to?  With the Facebook IPO looming and the medium getting increasingly tired, why not go back to our roots?

Yes, i’m suggesting we all go back to blogging.

(If you’re interested in joining this movement i’ll post some resources at the end of this post)
Part of this thought was inspired by my friend Max Springer, who also has a blog with some neat artwork. Me and Max used to work together, tore it up a few nights together in Hollywood and haven’t seen each other since.
But since I think he’s an interesting person I went out of my way to have a look at his website when he said he was Quitting Facebook later this week.
Starry Night By Max Springer
                                                           (OR LARGER.. ha ha ha) 
But the main point i’m making is that while I don’t think that most people really have enough to offer creatively to necessitate a blog or website, a lot of my friends do. Why are they giving all of this content and commentary to Facebook so those nerds can be rich? Fuck those nerds, let’s at least make beer money off of our stuff.

nerds nerds nerds

And not to mention, all of the technology that Facebook has is widely available and open source.  All of us can have our own little Facebooks, if you will, and we can write what we want and when we want to, and our friends can check it out at their leisure, not when we want them to but when we want to. Looking at Max’s website  gives me a lot clearer idea what Max has been up to since I last saw him and it looks great.
So here is what I propose: 
I will quit Facebook again (this time for real). I will try to stay connected with friends the old fashioned ways: phone, IM, email, or blog/website.
If you have a blog or website, post it here in the comments and i’ll put you on my blogroll so I remember to check it out. You do the same for me and for your friends. If you don’t have a blog, go make one. If you need help, ask me how.
I’m envisioning a day where we can all have our own places on the web to  actually express ourselves outside of the annoying and restrictive confines of a multi-billion dollar corporation and the limits of having to write something terse or punchy. For those who don’t have anything to share or offer, they can stay on Facebook and post about what they just ate, the movie they saw (“It was good”) or the latest televised sporting match they watched. If they have any heart they’ll get a blog and comment on it in long form so that like-minded people can enjoy it and discuss it, and it won’t be gone with the 24 hour news cycle of Facebook.
Also like I said, you can make a little beer money.


I would only suggest WordPress.com (for dummies) as the community and tools there are very good.
For those with a little technical skill who don’t mind paying $5 a month for hosting and don’t want name.wordpress.com in their URL, i’d suggest WordPress.org. If you’re broke or non-technical, but have a domain and need hosting I could host it for you if you buy me a beer everytime we see each other.
I don’t suggest Tumblr or any of that but if you like to take photos I hear it works pretty well and has a nice built in community.




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  1. Funny, I was just thinking of giving blogging another shot. I’m not looking to divorce myself from facebook, there is plenty of stalking to still be had but I find myself hating… myself for the constant vomiting of tidbits of information over the internet in the hopes of a pat on the head.

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