Tom Leykis Is A Douchebag

Tonight at 3AM i’m moving my car because I live in an area of Koreatown that has streetcleaning between 8-10am (rather than you know, 10-12am when most people are at work already) two days a week.

While looking for a spot I had my radio tuned in to 97.1 KLSX and it’s a repeat of a very annoying daytime radio show hosted by the fatso above, Tom Leykis.

I’ve always wondered why I hate Tom Leykis and before I thought it was just the schmaltz, how he wastes airtime with his stale routines, bumpers and overly inflected voice, lame advice, tired bits and cliches, army of male fans who never get laid but call radio shows and claim they did (“hey Tom. giggle. I scored with a hot babe and she was hot. giggle.”)

Maybe its becauseĀ  his show is the same boring crap every day performed by a very homely looking woman who takes 10 minutes to spit out a 10 word sentence.

But that’s not why I hate Tom Leykis.

It’s because he’s a pussy and only has iconoclastic opinions on the easy, meek targets:

women, religious people, poor people, single parents, the unwashed, the uneducated, Republicans, gays, etc.

When it comes to dangerous topics he has no opinion, is obsequiously neutral, or is politically correct.

He’s a stupid pussy and he has no talent and obviously no personal life (read: “hot babes”) since he hosts a friggin radio show 6 days a week.

Just wanted to throw that out there.




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  2. you morons..he is not there to save the world… he is there to sell advertisements and he openly admits that !

    Most of the things he says is true, so gotta appreciate that instead of whining for 1000s of other important topics he is not talking about…

  3. TOM LEYKIS IS THE MAN!! You bitch-made ass dudes need to listen to him closely before you get up on your high horses, excuse me, you’re bitches so change that to high unicorns. Let ya nuts hang, put the cosmo down and swig a BEER, LIKE A REAL MAN. Sissy motherfuckers!

  4. I agree with a lot of the stuff he says about women, but politically speaking, the guy is a left-wing nut-job! Just like Bill Maher, he claims to be a libertarian, but in reality is more left than left. I think he’s actually more liberal than Maher is, which is incredibly scary. But this is nothing new, Tom has been like this for years now. Even when he was still on AM radio.

    Tom also loves to brag about stupid shit like how much money he makes, or how cool his Lexus and plasma TV are. (I have a Lexus too, Big Fucking Deal!) He also says that no Republicans, and only losers and/or stoners, will need to get a Digital TV converter box. Oh, really? I know several well-off people (some Republican) who are getting a few of them (what about those TV’s on the patio or in the garage?) And what about the guy who is gainfully employed, but for whatever reason, just can’t afford one? Should such a man really be deemed a loser for that reason alone?

    The man is just an asshole!

    Even his phone answer “boy” is an asshole. He always says that he likes the points I’m making, but the topic always gets changed right before I get on. One time the guy even said “Kick ASS, Man, I try to get you on right away.” Then, after holding forever, and listening to about 20 of his idiot disciples completely agree with him, he comes back on and says “were moving on!”

    It was extremely frustrating, especially since, unlike his disciples, I actually had interesting points and facts to bring to the table. I would crush Tom in any political debate! But, instead of getting on the air, I had to listen through all those idiots only to be told that the topic has changed. And not even one of those fuckheads had anything even remotely interesting to say!

    The topic was the presidential election, so most of his fans can even comprehend the subject matter, so they call Tom to coach them. And although he’s a fairly intelligent man, when it comes to politics, he never knows what the fuck he’s talking about. His average fan has the IQ of a salad bar!

    When I’m holding, I think he may see what my point is on his TelePrompTer, so he gets scared, and changes the show topic immediately. It’s happened a handful of times now, so once more and I’ll know this for sure! When Tom’s losing an argument, he just changes the subject right in the middle of the debate. One guy even said “Tom, I think your getting way off the subject here,” and he got all pissy, and started screaming “It’s my show, it’s my show, I ask the questions here,” and the guy just laughed.

    Well, if I ever do get on the air (when he’s discussing politics), I’m going to mutilate him despite those pussy tactics, because I know my facts!

  5. This guy is a lonely fat dude and only women that will have sex with him are hookers, He is been divorced 4 times and he gives advice on relationships haha, I think he has never been loved by anyone…..and may be have low sperm count and cant even get it up…..

  6. Tom leykis tells the big black truth to all those men out there which have been raised by women….
    Just to let you know, the power that women has over men gets weaker when you apply the principles of Tom. That’s why chicks cannot stand him.
    Remember this: When it comes to using men for their own benefit, women are relentless. Tom just provides some tips to avoid getting trapped.

  7. LOL You are all playing in to the hands of media and advertising. Puppets. Tom’s job is simple to keep you talking and listening. The company doesn’t care about what the personality says as long as topics and discussions like this are done. Everyone 10 people that say screw tom; one will say oh he sounds interesting. The fastest way to end a radio personality is to not remember them. SO please keep talking about him, look up his web sight, and go to myspace. Soon another company will see that tom has a following and he will be on the air again. Please, do this because I am bored in the afternoon.

    Regardless or the politics, and social point of view of tom, you have to admit it was good radio because YOU keep listening.

  8. i actually looked at his website the other day to see if he was back on the air, just out of curiosity. I wonder if he will get another gig. I bet hes getting fatter as we speak

  9. Tom leykis helps men raised and brainwashed by single mothers cope better with life…especially when it comes to confronting the army of bitches out there. Come on! Power belongs to men. Period. Tom leykis is there to remind us of that.

  10. I dont know why I enjoy his show. I dont tune in but when i scan the radio and come across his show. I enjoy people getting upset when its obvious he’s just saying shit to get a reaction. Im a sucker for it I guess much how I enjoy watching Maury from time to time. “You are not the father!!!”

  11. Tom is great on everything except politics where he bashes conservatives for being racist—he always tries to be politically correct. I don’t understand how he’s libertarian but completely liberal. That does not make sense.

    On religion he bashes people who believe in God—but thats more of a personal topic.

  12. Why are most people on here saying he’s right on topics that pertain to women? Guess what? He’s not! There are too many people in the world to generalize into one category, and any man that listens to his advice is a pathetic, lost soul with no thoughts of his own. They think that by following Leykis’ piss-poor “advice,” they’re taking advantage of their manhood by being douches to women. These are the men who will end up alone in the end, regretting their inhumane choices to treat others like shit. Oh well, that’s their problem.

    Racism is obviously despicable, yet sexism is acceptable? That’s what I don’t get. I am tired of all the woman-bashing (not that man-bashing is reasonable, but it’s not a common issue).

  13. With the danger of sounding like a feminist(in which Im not), I always find America too obsessed with sex(obsessed as in interested in sex for the sex, and not for the love). It must be quite boring, when the only thing he talks about is “fifty year old women without a sex life”(who cares, anyway), etc.

    Its just so dumb, its practically funny.

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